What We Are

Back in 2012, the Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation (ISRSF) established the Arryman Scholars Initiative to cultivate a new generation of world-class Indonesian academics in the social sciences and public policy. To ensure the impact and longevity of the Initiative, ISRSF designed a consortium of Institutes for Advanced Research (IFAR) to promote the creation of institutions conducive to the production of world-class research. Often talented Indonesian researchers are prevented from realizing their scholarly potential because of heavy teaching burdens, low pay, and the need to moonlight to make ends meet. The aim of the IFAR Consortium is to support the efforts of a small number of research-oriented universities to create an environment in which Indonesian researchers can thrive.

The IFAR Consortium is a network of university partners established by ISRSF in December 2021. It consists of member universities that have each established an Institute for Advanced Research on their campus. ISRSF supports the member Institutes and seeks to ensure that they establish and maintain a strong intellectual habitat, pursue research and teaching excellence, and provide a model for other universities across Indonesia.

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