Advancing Academic Excellence: ISRSF and LPEM UI Sign Cooperation Agreement for IFAR Office Establishment

Jakarta, 1 April 2024 - The Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation (ISRSF) and the Institute for Economic and Social Research (LPEM UI) at the University of Indonesia (UI) have officially established a Cooperation Agreement to establish the IFAR office at LPEM named IFAR LPEM UI. This cooperation aligns with the core purpose of IFAR, which is to elevate Indonesian academia's global recognition through academic publications.


This partnership marks a pivotal moment in academic collaboration, aiming to enhance research excellence and scholarly cooperation both nationally and internationally. Notable figures from ISRSF attending the event included Professor Jeffrey A. Winters,  Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Dr. Ridarson Galingging, Member of the Board of Supervisors; Irfan Hutagalung, Director and Head of the Management Board; Ethika Fithriani, Treasurer, and Fardila Astari, IAPR, Head of Programs and Communications. Representatives from LPEM UI included Chaikal Nuryakin, Ph.D., Director of LPEM UI; Jahen Fachrul Rezki, Ph.D., Associate Director for Research; Mohamad Dian Revindo, Ph.D., Associate Director for Education and Training; and Dr. Hera Susanti S.E., M.Sc., Associate Director for Administration and Finance.


Expressing enthusiasm about the collaboration, Irfan Hutagalung, Director and Head of the Management Board stated, "We are thrilled to formalize this collaboration with LPEM UI, which marks an important milestone in our efforts to advance research and academic excellence in Indonesia. Through this partnership, we aim to foster meaningful collaborations that will contribute to the development of knowledge and expertise in various fields."


Chaikal Nuryakin, Director of LPEM UI, added, "We are excited about the opportunities that this partnership with ISRSF brings. By joining forces, we can leverage our respective strengths and resources to tackle complex societal challenges and drive impactful research outcomes. Together, we look forward to making significant contributions to the academic landscape in Indonesia and beyond."


In conclusion, the signing of this Cooperation Agreement between ISRSF and LPEM UI not only signifies a significant stride towards advancing academic collaboration and research excellence in Indonesia but also underscores the core purpose of IFAR. Back in 2012, ISRSF established the Arryman Scholars Initiative to cultivate a new generation of world-class Indonesian academics in the social sciences and public policy. To ensure the impact and longevity of the Initiative, ISRSF designed a consortium of Institutes for Advanced Research (IFAR) to promote the creation of institutions conducive to the production of world-class research. The IFAR Consortium, established in December 2021, supports member universities in establishing and maintaining a strong intellectual habitat, pursuing research and teaching excellence, and providing a model for other universities across Indonesia. Through this partnership, ISRSF and LPEM UI aim to cultivate a rich environment for interdisciplinary research, knowledge exchange, and academic growth, ultimately driving positive change and progress in various fields of study.