Dr. Yoes Kenawas: Pioneering Research on Political Dynasties in Indonesia

Jakarta, April 29, 2024- The Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation (ISRSF) is proud to announce the successful dissertation defense of Dr. Yoes Kenawas, who presented his groundbreaking research titled "Dynasty Inc.: The Emergence and Endurance of Political Dynasties in Indonesia." Dr. Kenawas's dissertation was passed "as is" and was awarded Distinction by unanimous vote of the committee.

In his dissertation, Dr. Kenawas delves into the intricate landscape of contemporary Indonesian politics, focusing on the prominence of dynastic politics in the post-Suharto era. Building upon existing conceptual frameworks, Dr. Kenawas proposes the concept of "familial democracy" to understand the institutionalization of political dynasties and their impact on democratic consolidation and representation in Indonesia.

Irfan Hutagalung, Director of ISRSF, expressed his admiration, stating, "Dr. Kenawas's dissertation sheds light on a crucial aspect of Indonesian politics, offering valuable insights into the dynamics of power and governance in our country. His meticulous research and insightful analysis contribute significantly to our understanding of familial democracy in Indonesia."

Dr. Kenawas extends his gratitude to his dissertation committee members, Professor Jeff Winters, Professor Ed Gibson, and Professor Rebecca Beatty Riedl, for their continuous guidance and mentorship throughout his academic journey. He also acknowledges the unwavering support of his family, particularly Verra and Nara, without whom he would not have reached this milestone.

With his successful dissertation defense, Dr. Kenawas now embarks on a new chapter at IFAR Atma Jaya, where he will continue to pursue his research and academic endeavors.